Below 20 years later....


Please feel free to come in and check out my "New" old site.
I have had this site running sence 2004 on Geocities but they have decided to close it all down on the 26 Oct 2009, so it was a good excuse to migrate and update the data.
I have had over 17000 hits on the Geocities the site, so it was a case of Move it or Loose it.
I'm guessing by the number of hits that people are using my site as a reference tool, this was my goal as I had a lot of trouble just finding basic information about my bike when I first got it.
I am not a Registered Club or anything of that nature but as you can gather, I have a passion with British Motorcycles, but none more so than the NORTON motorcycles. So come on in and have a look around, I have some topics of interest listed as well as good collection of Links for you NORTON NUTS.
Feedback on the site, Complaints or Comments on what would be great to see in here, you can Email me here.
Many Thankx to All that have added info, hints & tips.

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