Boyer Ign. Sysytems


 This is the fitting instructions that come with your purchase of the ignition unit.



In Point No: 23

For NEW MOTORS it has been suggested that Timing be set at 22ΓΈ B.T.D.C.@ 2000 RPM's this figure has verified by BOYER tech help line. 

I'm not sure who the person from Boyer was that verified this BUT here's some more info from the NOC site > LINK





INPUT: Any permanent magent alternator singlr phase 2 or 3 wire up to 180 watts.
OUTPUT: 13 - 14 Volts Direct Current [DC] [charging 12 volts].
MOUNTING: 4 x 6mm holes @ 45mm x 75mm centres.
SIZE: 66mm Long x 62mm Wide x 35mm High. 92mm x 66mm Over mounting flange.
WEIGHT: 200 grams

Mount the unit in free air, this can be in a battery box but some air cooling is required.
Use rubber vibration mountings for severe conditions.
Never connect the battery the wrong way around. A fuse must be placed in one end of the battery connections.
When running without a battery, no fuse is required and it is in order to short the output to stop the engine.
Wiring Diagram for POSITIVE earth.

 Boyer Powerbox Wiring Diagram

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